XXL Lifting WEIR with concrete core

product description

ASA-Weirs serve primarily as cascade dams, flushing weirs and relief weirs. They activate reservoir volumes, generate hydropeaking and make a variable overflow edge to separating structures and relief dams. Technically, the ASA-Weirs are XXL hydraulically-driven, pressure- sealed sliders, manufactured with the highest level of precision.

Your Benefits

  • Activation of reservoir volumes
  • Generation of flushing waves
  • Flood protection
  • Reduction of structural dimensions
  • Network connection to cascades
  • Safety even in cases of power failure
  • Adjustable operation levels


  • Sewer reservoirs
  • Storm water tank
  • Coastal protection/dykes
  • Separating structures
  • Polders
  • Seals
  • Locks

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The general task of ASA-Lifting Weir is the activation of retention volume in channels. The automation of the weir distinguishes between the two events dry weather and rainy weather operation. When the water, measured from the lowest position of the ASA-Lifted Weir, reaches the maximum water level, the weir acts as a congestion target controller. In this mode of operation, a predefined water level is kept. The ASA-Lifting Weir enables the control of flow cross-section around the clock to ensure the maximum drainage capacity. Once the water reaches a certain level, it can be discharged to create the waves and clean up the lower areas of the weir.


Machine Technology

  • Cleaning device
  • IntelliFlush Automation (flushing systems for efficient automatic channel cleaning by the intentional creation of the flushing waves)

Switching Equipment

  • Switching equipment
  • Manual & automatic switch
  • With external cabinet
  • Telematic
  • smartSCADA
  • Electronic volume evaluation
  • smartKANiO

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