Automatic Weir

Product Description

The ASK-Weir is used to keep the water level precisely constant without the use of external energy and even during backwater conditions. This way, it is possible to forego flooding levels when dams overflow and reliably activate reservoir volumes. Due to the purely upper water-dependent regulation function, ASK weirs are also implemented in backwater conditions and for flood protection. With the ASK weirs floating matter is also held back and it is one of the safest solutions when it comes to relieving strain.

Your Benefits

  • Precisely constant water level = constant reservoir target for volume activation, even in case of backwater
  • No external energy for the drive and regulation is required
  • Holding back of floating and suspended matter
  • Small, compact structures
  • Maximum operational safety


  • Dams and flood retention reservoirs
  • Storm water tanks/sewer reservoirs
  • Hydropower plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Polders
  • Receiving waters

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Automatic float-controlled flap weirs are purely mechanical water level control units and serve for volume activation at retention and storage basins. Through their use, water levels are kept constant, regardless of the amount of water. At the same time, the weir flap can also be used as backflow protection by closing the opening above the flap. A maximum storage volume utilization and better use of the storage volume in inflow channels, rain overflow basins, earth basins, dams and flood retention basins etc. is possible. The overflow area of the fixed weir threshold is additionally utilized.


Machine Technology

  • Cleaning device
  • Grating
  • IntelliFlush Automation
    (Rinsing systems for efficient automatic channel cleaning by generating targeted rinse and transport waves.)

Switching system

  • Manual switch
  • With external cabinet
  • TeleMatic
  • smartSCADA
  • Electronic volume evaluation
  • smartKANiO

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