Fish-belly and Torsion Flap Gates / Weirs

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Product Description

Fish-belly and torsion flap gates/weirs are flap gates/weirs that are overflowed in open water and canals in order to regulate the water level and volume. Fish-belly and torsion flap gates/weirs from HST are characterised by the most modern methods of construction and drive technology. HydroMatic controls allow for precise reservoir target levels, readjustment and selectable operating modes. Tele-Matic station technology allows for permanent functional safety and information about all operation events. Electronic inclinometer, flow rate calculator and additional safety devices such as heating elements for frost protection supplement the implementation and use options.

Your Benefits

  • High level of resistance and rigidity
  • Very high material efficiency
  • Frost protection
  • Flow rate controller
  • Material selection (steel/stainless steel/VW)


  • Flowing waters
  • Shipping lanes
  • Dams and reservoirs
  • Polders
  • Hydropower plants

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