SMART Machine with IntelliFlow
HydroMat-E (800mm)_120405


The most economic drainage regulation, electronically adjustable – ideal for the exchange of mechanical throttle devices. The HydroMat-E drainage regulators are electrically driven, fill-level-controlled water volumes or water level regulator. The respectively intended control tasks can be parameterised in a user-friendly way using the corresponding HydroMatics system software from the TeleMatic family. 

Your Benefits

  • Fully automated drainage control and regulation function
  • Transfer monitoring and flushing control
  • Adjustable Q/H functions
  • Flushing automation
  • Fully floodable during operation
  • All nominal widths and bottom forms available


  • Dam systems
  • Stormwater tank
  • Sewer reservoirs
  • Water treatment plants
  • Pumping stations

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HydroMat-E drainage and control systems provide a constant and / or underwater dependent drainage from storage compartments and containers with rising or falling or fluctuating water levels. They are due to their small footprint and ease of installation very universally applicable and ideal for use in existing buildings and manholes.

Physically, the discharge is a function of the water level. Thus, by measuring the damming height, the required flow cross sections can be determined and implemented in the form of a corresponding slide position. The individual coefficients of the control valves are taken into account in the functions or interpolation tables. Other hydraulically individual influences can also be taken into account in the parameterization as well as measured value or time / temporarily different setpoints.

The versatile and flexible configurations also make HydroMat-E discharge control and regulating devices a universal solution for achieving a constant flow.

Just like the HydroMat-Q outflow controls with MID, HydroMat-E outflow control systems are equipped with a variety of features to ensure continued availability, even in unusual operating or emergency situations.

Modern IT & automation technology enables comprehensive data evaluation and checks for plausibility. This increases quality, ensures the operating process and increases availability.

For the calculation of the discharge control and regulation organs, a design software or our planning service is at your disposal.

Request our checklist for drainage controls and regulations!


Machines & Systems

  • Energy storage
  • Calibrations
  • High protection classes IP 68 / ATEX
  • Materials
  • Shaft equipment (floor gates, ladders, ventilation, lighting)

IT & Automation

  • UW additional sensor
  • Telematic functions
  • Switching system
  • Digital operating and service book
  • EMA system for reference calibration
  • IntelliFlow

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