SMART Machine with IntelliFlow
Hydromat-HQ 1


The stationary flow measurement system HydroMat-HQ can measure flow to MID accuracy by the use of high-resolution sensor technology. In combination with pneumatic discharge regulation, a precise drainage flow is guaranteed. Alongside precise volume measurement and regulation the Automation- und System software IntelliFlow allows the continuous recording of all operating data, the evaluation of reference and comparison values and also incorporates a self-calibration function. This ensures precision flow measurement without back up occurring.

Your Benefits

  • Measurement of very low volumes (dry weather channel)
  • MID accuracy by the use of high-resolution sensor technology (ultrasonic-running time and Doppler)
  • Low hydraulic losses (measurement without back up)
  • Calibrated measuring track with accuracy certificate
  • Easy to maintain (easy to dismantle with open top or maintenance cover)
  • Easy visual checking with measuring rod.is possible


  • Dam systems
  • Stormwater holding tanks
  • Sewer reservoirs
  • Treatment plants
  • Pumping stations

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Hydromat-HQ 2
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