The „System Hydroscum“ series has extraction devices equipped with pumps for floating matter or bacteria sludges on water surfaces. Thread-like bacteria that float easily influence the biological process e.g. in the form of bulking sludge and floating sludge. Using efficient, automatic separation of the bulking and floating sludge from the surface of aeration and post-treatment tanks, the activated sludge production is stabilised and through this, the biological degradation process is optimised. The sedimentation process in post-treatment is significantly improved by the removal of bacteria that floats easily.

HydroScum-Slide/P products are HST-WKS licensed products.

Your Benefits

  • Extensive absorption of bulking and floating sludge from the surface
  • Easy and reliable construction
  • Easy installation


  • Municipal and industrial water treatment plants
  • Process water treatment plants
  • Ponds
  • Emergency tanks

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